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The Gulf Coast Biodiversity Conservancy (GCBC) is a division of the Northwest Florida Environmental Conservancy (NWFLEC), an established 501(c)3 non-profit.  The GCBC increases the area of emphasis of NWFLEC from northwest Florida; south Georgia, Alabama & Mississippi, to a much broader strip of the Gulf Coastal Plain area of the U.S.  The increased area of concern will include the Gulf Coastal areas and drainages from south Florida and the Keys; southwest Georgia; through northwest Florida; along coastal Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, to the Mexican border.
   The new, additional areas of concern include peninsular Florida and the Keys, along with coastal Louisiana, through south Texas, to the Mexican border.


Gulf Coast




The new areas of concern will not only highlight the high biodiversity of northwest Florida, but other areas of high biodiversity along the Gulf of Mexico.  These new areas include:


2) South Florida, the Everglades and Florida Keys

3) The Big Thicket of Texas

4) South Texas and the Rio Grande valley.

Map #1: The Gulf Coastal States.  Areas of interest lie south of the red line.


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