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Karl's Wildlife Photos

This page contains photos taken of uncommon, unusual or interesting wildlife captured by
Karl Studenroth.


(Above) Two hatchling Barbour's Map turtles (Graptemys barbouri).  Jackson Co.,  FL.  March 2007.


(Above) A post-hatchling Loggerhead Musk turtle (Sternotherus m. minor).  Jackson Co., FL.  Chipola River.  March, 2007. 
(Right) A hatchling E. Mud turtle (Kinosternon subrubrum) (not ready to leave the egg!).  Jackson Co., FL.  Hatched summer, 2006.


(Above) A large adult female Rainbow snake (Farancia e. erytrogramma).  Moore Co., NC - Ft. Bragg.  1 May, 1985.  This snake was gravid and laid 32 eggs on 7 July, 1985!


(Above) An Island Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus compressus).  Island Glass lizards are quite uncommon and seldomly ever seen or caught, even by experienced herpetologists.  Taylor Co., FL - Econfina River S.P.  1992.


(Above) A Marbled salamander (Ambystoma opacum).  Northwest, FL
(Right) Ornate Chorus frogs (Pseudacris ornata) - Grey & Green color phases.  Walton Co., FL  December, 1989.


(Above) S. Dusky salamander (Desmognathus auriculatus).  Mobile Co., AL.  This was the first S. Dusky salamander documented in AL in 25 years!  1998.  Photo by David Welford (edited by Karl Studenroth).



(Above) Hatchling Rainbow snakes (Farancia e. erytrogramma) from the large adult female on the left!  They began hatching on 15 September, 1985. 


(Above) A clutch of eight E. Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus ventralis) eggs.  Jackson Co., MS - Grand Bay Savanna Bioreserve.  Summer 1997.



(Above) Leopard Frog Orgy! 
S. Leopard frogs (Rana utricularia).  Three adult males are trying to breed with one adult female Leopard frog at the same time!  The frogs didn't even care when I picked them up out of the water!  Okaloosa Co., FL - Eglin AFB, Green ponds.  Summer 1989. 

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