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Exotic Herpetofaunal Records of Northwest Florida & Adjacent Alabama

By Karl Studenroth
5 June, 2007; Revised 30 January, 2011
Limited details on exotic herpetofaunal species I have documented in northwest Florida and extreme south Alabama are provided below.
(Below) Cuban treefrog.  Bay Co., FL.  Spring 2000.



Anolis sagrei (Brown Anole):


1) Jackson Co., FL.  Marianna.  Lowes - twice in the garden section.  2006.


2) Washington Co., FL.  Chipley.  Super Walmart - once in the garden section.  2004.


3) Houston Co., AL.  Alabama Welcome Center, US 231 (immediately over the FL line) – once on the side of the building, near shrubs. 1995.


4) Jackson Co., FL.  Marianna.  Super Walmart - once in the garden section.  4 July, 2007 (see photo below).


5) Escambia Co., FL.  Big Lagoon & Perdido Key areas.  At least a half dozen Brown Anoles were observed around buildings and human gardens in 2009 & 2010.


6) Bay Co., FL.  Panama City Mall.  Along brick structures for shrubs at FYE music store entrance.  Juvenile.  Mid March, 2011.


Hemidactylus turcicus (Mediterranean Gecko):


1) Jackson Co., FL.  Marianna.  Common throughout downtown and outskirts of town.  1995 – 2006.


2) Escambia Co., FL.  Gulf Islands National Seashore.  Common around Ft. Pickens on numerous buildings.  2001.


3) Mobile Co., AL.  Grand Bay.  West side of town in the original Nature Conservancy Field Office.  Fall 1997.  One sub-adult inside office.


4) Escambia Co., FL.  Big Lagoon & Perdido Key areas.  Hundreds of Mediterranean Geckos were observed in Big Lagoon State Park, the Big Lagoon area and Perdido Key on numerous buildings in 2009 & 2010.  On a few occasions I also observed Mediterranean Geckos crossing roads and parking lots at night time.


Phrynosoma cornutum (Texas Horned lizard):


1) Okaloosa Co., FL.  Eglin AFB - once in the main base housing area. 1988.  Gave to Paul Moler.  Deposited into the FL Museum, UF#78595.


2) Escambia Co., FL.  Big Lagoon State Park.  In 2009 three Horned lizards were either brought to me or observed.  One lizard was collected and frozen by the Park Biologist (Anne Harvey).  One live lizard was brought to me by the Park manager (David Colbert) - this lizard was later preserved.  One road-killed lizard was also collected in the Park.   


Eleutherodactylus planirostris (Greenhouse frog):


1) Jackson Co., FL.  Marianna.  Concentrated in specific areas in Marianna.  2005 – 2006.


2) Okaloosa Co., FL.  Eglin AFB.  Okaloosa Co & Walton county lines, range road 217.  Once on the Eglin AFB reservation.  Under road side trash pile.  1987.


3) Escambia Co., FL.  Big Lagoon & Tarkiln Bayou State Parks.  In 2009 & 2010 over a dozen Greenhouse frogs were observed under debris or collected in drift fence arrays in both Parks. 


Osteopilus septentrionalis (Cuban treefrog):


1) Bay Co., FL.  Panama City Beach.  On back of Camper at residence near Ocean Opry.  Collected, had in captivity from 2000 – 2006.
Trachemys scripta elegans (Red-eared Slider):
1) Escambia Co., FL.  Over a half dozen Red-eared Sliders were observed or captured in 2009 & 2010 in Big Lagoon and Tarkiln Bayou State Parks. 
(Below) A juvenile Mediterranean Gecko.  Escambia Co., FL Summer 2001.



(Above) Five juvenile Mediterranean Geckos.  Escambia Co., FL Summer 2001.
(Below) A Greenhouse frog.  Jackson Co., FL.  Summer 2005.


(Below) A Brown Anole.  Jackson Co., FL.  4 July, 2007.


(Below) A Red-eared Slider.  Escambia Co., FL.  Tarkiln Bayou State Park.  October, 2009.


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