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The Natural History
of Uvalde County, Texas
& Karl's Adventures in
South-central TEXAS!

  This website was created to highlight the incredible natural history of Uvalde County and south-central Texas.  This site contains detailed information about the very interesting natural history of Uvalde and surrounding counties.  The natural history of the region is quite diverse and this site covers many aspects of its ecology to provide readers and those interested with an opportunity to learn about this extraordinary region of Texas!  The material gathered here has never been compiled in one website.  Much of the material is also original research, checklists and information I have completed and compiled here.
  Uvalde County and the region of south-central Texas lies west of San Antonio, east to the Pecos River (in Val Verde County), southwest to the Rio Grande River, southeast to Interstate 35 and north to Interstate 10.
  This site also contains photos and information about the exploration and natural history of the region encountered by Karl Studenroth.  I'm concentrating my efforts and searches for the unusual, unique, amphibians & reptiles, bats, invertebrates, rare species and extraordinary natural areas.  I invite you to check this site out often as I will update it fairly regularly.  Enjoy! 


Map 1 (Below): The red dot indicates the location of Uvalde, Texas.



Map 2 (Below): Uvalde County, Texas is highlighted in red.


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