Ecological Research, Conservation & Environmental Education
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Below are some of the projects being conducted in Escambia & Santa Rosa County, FL State Parks through AmeriCorps.  This page highlights ecological research, environmental education and conservation, and community service projects (through Boy and Girl Scouts, civic organizations, etc).


Ecological Research:


1) Rare & endangered species surveys of Big Lagoon, Perdido Key and Tarkiln Bayou State Parks.  Limited surveys of Blackwater River State Park, & Yellow River Marsh Preserve.


2) General wildlife, plant and ecosystem surveys of five parks (Amphibians & Reptiles, Bats, small Mammals, Fish, Inverts, Coastal Invertebrates).

Specific projects:


A) Flatwoods salamanders (& related rare Flatwood’s sp.)

B) Carnivorous plants (& related rare Bog sp.)

C) Diamondback terrapins (& related rare brackish water/wetland sp.)

D) Gopher tortoises (& related rare Upland’s sp.)

E) Bats

F) Ephemeral wetlands - survey, status & mapping


3) Environmental education and public programs in parks. 


4) Projects with local Boy Scout & Girl Scout troops and other groups & organizations.
5) Exotic plant & animal control.
6) Sea turtles - Assisting with sea turtle patrol, conservation work and volunteer program.


(Above & below) Post-hatchling Loggerhead Sea Turtles!




(Above) A Gulf Salt Marsh Snake.  Salt Marsh snakes are a rare, specially adapted species that live primarily in coastal, brackish marshes.  Big Lagoon S.P.

Pg. 7: Drift Fence Research