Community Service Projects
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Girl Scout Service Projects:
Troop #351.  Pensacola, FL  2009: Trail maintenance at Big Lagoon State Park (trimming shrubs, removing downed limbs and trees).  Plus trash pickup within Big Lagoon.  Completed!
Additional information about several Girl Scout projects is coming!
Boy Scout Eagle & Community Service Projects:
During 2009 several Boy Scout Eagle projects are being organized through the AmeriCorps volunteer in Escambia & Santa Rosa County State Parks.  Brief details on the projects are found below.
1) Troop #36.  Pensacola, FL.  Several Eagle Scout candidates are working on a variety of ongoing projects at Perdido Key, Big Lagoon and Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Parks.  These projects include making improvements and protecting sensitive habitat at Perdido Key SP.  Eagle Scout candidates are also refurbishing old bat houses and building new bat houses at Big Lagoon SP.  Completed! 
2) Troop # 425.  Pensacola, FL.  Jake Hartnett - Eagle Scout candidate.  Project:  Building and installing 3 bat houses at Tarkiln Bayou State Preserve Park.  Completed! 
3) Troop #436.  Pensacola, FL.  Tyler Roswold - Community service project.  Completed! 
     A) Relocating sand fence at Perdido Key State Park.
     B) Beach and trash cleanup at Perdido Key State Park.
     B) Trash and coastal cleanup at Big Lagoon State Park.
4) Venturing Crew #626.  Pensacola, FL.  Relocating educational signs at Big Lagoon and Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State parks.  Drift fence construction at Big Lagoon State Park (for ecological research).  Completed!


(Above) Members of Boy Scout Troop #425, from Pensacola, FL.  Jake Hartnett's Eagle Scout project was to build and install three bat houses at Tarkiln Bayou State Preserve.  Jake is in the center of the photo (in the blue shirt).  AmeriCorps member, Karl Studenroth is on the far right.
(Below left) Two bat houses were installed in Wet Flatwoods.



(Above) A close-up photo of the single bat house in the Oak Hammock.
(Below) One bat house was installed in an Oak Hammock.


Bat Houses at Big Lagoon State Park!
As part of AmeriCorps service projects four bat houses were installed in October of 2010 in Big Lagoon State Park.  The Northwest Florida Environmental Conservancy (NWFLEC) donated four bat houses and Big Lagoon State Park provided three poles and concrete to erect the houses.  NWFLEC members Austin Asquith, Monica Kallies and Tammy Matthews, volunteered to install the bat houses - thanks to you all!  Karl Studenroth organized the project.  Enjoy the photos of the bat house work below!


(Above) Austin Asquith & Tammy Matthews.
(Below) Monica Kallies and Tammy Matthews.




(Above) One of the opportunities I've been able to provide through my AmeriCorps service are chances for Boy Scouts to obtain their Eagle Scout rank through service projects at area State Parks.  I'm pleased to announce the Eagle Scout award ceremony for Jake Hartnett!  Photos/Items added 22 Aug., 10. 



(Above) NWFLEC members Austin Asquith,
Monica Kallies & Tammy Matthews and a
completed bat house!

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