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Alternative College Spring Break
Bowling Green State University
March 2010


  From March 8th -12th, 2010 college students from Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green Ohio, gave up their spring break to volunteer and work for the Florida State Parks!  Students worked in Big Lagoon, Perdido Key and Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Parks. 
  While many college students would be partying and indulging in spring break activities, twenty eight students and two faculty members from Bowling Green State sacrificed their week for a much greater cause!  During their "Alternative Spring Break" students provided a variety of invaluable work and services for Pensacola area State Parks.  Throughout the week students learned a great deal about the natural history of Northwest Florida, the environment and animals, and challenges that face Florida State Parks and Park management.  Students also had an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment.
  Some of the work projects included:
1) Extensive trash and debris removal.  Students removed about six dumpsters full of trash and debris from Pensacola area State Parks!  Much of this debris remained after the hurricanes and tropical storms of years past (that were in very difficult places to reach). 
2) Constructing and installing five interpretive educational signs.
3) Planting 768 plants in sensitive coastal dune habitat.
4) Drift fence maintenance and repairs (for ecological surveys and research). 
5) Installing pedestrian cross-throughs along several fence lines.
6) Installing numerous posted signs, posts and rope to keep people out of sensitive dunes and habitats.
7) Cleaned and preped fire lines for future controlled burns in Pensacola area State Parks.
8) Installed fence posts for new fencing.
  It wasn't all hard work during the week as students had a lot of fun and were able to explore the State Parks by hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, photography and nature study.  The group also visited nearby Pensacola attractions, while getting an early Spring sun tan!
  I must say that I was extremely impressed by the students continued dedication and hard work during the week of their visit.  I've never seen young adults continuously ask for more work to do as these students did!  The important work that the students completed in one week would have taken State Park personnel many months to finish!  I'd like to extend a very sincere thank you to all the students and faculty members (Nick Hennessy & Bryan Cavins) of Bowling Green State University for their hard work, dedication, sacrifice and going above and beyond normal college students during spring break!
  I'd also like to thank Douglas Wagoner, Alisa Meyer and Teresa Hoffman of Green Earth Outdoors for coordinating and setting up the details for the entire week of the spring break visit.  Douglas, Alisa and Teresa took care of many of the details and support work during the week which allowed the students much more time to complete projects and for personal fun and adventure! 
  On this webpage I have posted numerous photos of the students in action and some of their work projects throughout their stay.  Enjoy the photos!  Sincerely, Karl Studenroth 

Alternative Spring Break Photos:
Trash & Debris Cleanup





(Above) One of several mountains of trash and debris collected in Tarkiln Bayou State Preserve Park!

Installing Educational Signs


After installing educational signs I had students do their best imitation of Shorebirds (above) and Wading Birds (below)!


Planting Plants in Coastal Dunes







Drift Fence Maintenance & Repairs




(Right) YES!  The faculty members actually worked too!  Dr. Nick Hennessy does repairs on the drift fence array.


  For more information about the Center for Environmental Programs at Bowling Green State University; and Green Earth Outdoors please visit the website links below.

The Department of the Environment and Sustainability - Bowling Green State University

Green Earth Outdoors

Photo & Video Bloopers!


(Above) This student is doing some of his best work all week!
(Below) In the video link below I told the student that we ocassionally found Spanish Doubloons on our State Park beaches!  She dug much more vigorously afterwards!  Enjoy the video!

DIGGING for GOLD! Click to watch!

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