Aquatic Trapping
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  Over the Summer and Fall of 2009 aquatic trapping will be conducted in Big Lagoon, Tarkiln Bayou and Perdido Key State Parks.  Aquatic trapping will be done with several different style traps to target different aquatic species.  Turtles and aquatic salamanders are the primary target species. 
  The results of these trapping sessions will shed light on the abundance and diversity of aquatic fauna found in Pensacola area State Parks.  Some target species include Diamondback terrapins and Alligator snapping turtles (both rare species).  Enjoy the photos!
Below: Some photos of aquatic trapping results at Tarkiln Bayou SP in early October, 2009


(Above) Karl with a large Common Snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina).  Added 6 Oct. 09
(Below) A close up of the large Common Snapping turtle!  Both Snapping turtle photos by Tammy Matthews.  Added 6 Oct. 09 



(Above) A Florida Cooter (Pseudemys floridana).  Added 6 Oct. 09

Below: Trapping in early September 2009, in Grande Lagoon (Big Lagoon SP) produced some creepy critters!


(Above) A small American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) was found in a hoop trap!  Photo by Mickey Quigley.
(Below) A FL Cottonmouth was stuck in a hoop trap trying to get a free meal of fish!


(Below) Karl checking a hoop trap - a Yellow-bellied Slider is in the trap.  Photo by Tammy Matthews.



(Above) A Yellow-bellied Slider (Trachemys scripta)
Photos by Tammy Matthews.
(Below) A large Common Snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina)


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