Northwest Florida Environmental Conservancy, Part 2
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Ecosystems of Northwest Florida

At least 57 different ecosystem (habitat) types occur within the Florida Panhandle.
Some examples of the diversity of Florida Panhandle ecosystems are found in the photos below.


(Above) The amazing view from the bluff behind the Gregory House in Torreya State Park.  Liberty Co., FL.
(Below) A Seepage Slope with unique carnivorous & associated bog plants.  Apalachicola Nat. Forest.  Liberty Co., FL.



(Above) The Big Bend in the Early Morning Fog!  A Hammock island in the brackish tidal marshes of a dense, early morning fog.  Econfina River State Park, Taylor Co., FL


(Above) Alum Bluff - The amazing view, across the Apalachicola River, from The Nature Conservancy's Apalachicola Bluffs & Ravines Preserve, 
Liberty Co., FL.
(Below) Dead Lakes - Chipola River, Gulf Co., FL.


The following three pages will contain information on three of the rarest and most unique ecosystems of Northwest Florida and the adjacent Gulf Coastal areas of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi: Seepage Slopes, Steepheads and Terrestrial Caves.

Pg. 4 Bogs, Seepage Slopes, Savannas & Carnivorous Plants