Northwest Florida Environmental Conservancy, Part 2
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Bogs, Seepage Slopes, Savannas & Carnivorous Plants

Bogs, Seepage slopes and Savanna wetlands are some of the most extraordinary ecosystems in the entire Southeastern U.S.!  These ecosystems can contain some of the highest diversities of plant species in the world.  Over 100 species of plants can be found within one bog area!  Sadly, 97% of this ecosystem type has been lost across the Southeast!


(Above) Carnivorous Plant Bog -  Yellow Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia flava).  Washington Co., FL.
Below is an article written by Karl Studenroth for the Nature Conservancy of Alabama Newsletter on Carnivorous Plants.




Interesting Facts:
30 of 47 U.S. carnivorous plant species occur in NW FL
Plants occur in soils with pH of 3.5 – 5.0
Due to low soil nutrients & acidity –
carnivorous plants have adapted by eating insects! 
97% of carnivorous plant habitat has been destroyed!






(Above) Pink Sundews
(Drosera capillaris)
(Left) Yellow Butterwort
(Pinguicula lutea)
Mobile Co., AL


(Above) Floating Bladderworts (Utricularia inflata) - blooming in a Gum swamp.  Washington Co., FL.

Pg. 5 Steepheads